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The Tao-te Ching, as we have it, cannot be the work of a single man; some of its sayings may date from the time of Confucius; others are certainly later. The Taoist model referenced in Section XLII of the Tao Te Ching states: “Out of Tao, One is born; out One, Two; out of Two, Three; out of Three, the created universe. The created universe is backed by yin and faced by yang, and harmonized by the immaterial Breath [ch’i].” Like the great logic and reason principles vigorously sought by the Greeks, and those principles for knowledge of innerness devotedly cultivated by the Indians, the successes of the Chinese with twoness principles came about because of the simultaneous convergence of several key elements. Symmetry is twoness, and can be observed manifesting in characteristics ranging from the balance of forces concentrated in an atom to the relationship between gravity and the expansion of the universe. Another type of symmetry permeating the universe is rhythm. In addition to the rhythmic oscillation of atoms and light, in nature the rhythms of celestial cycles, tides, seasons, etc. seem to govern the overall changes of creation, while life processes such as reproduction, waking/sleeping, feeding and so on also yield to rhythm. And interestingly, higher consciousness is very much attuned to rhythm in music, movement, speech and even visual appreciation (as in symmetrical form). We don't have the language to talk about things without time. Actually the sequence of events and the space between events, which with or without time can be different. Without the scales we use based on the physical time of this universe, there is no scale we can rely on to describe change rates, so we just lapse into relying on what everyone is familiar with.


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Vegan diets can absolutely work if you’re eating a balanced diet. One example, my friend Katie has been vegan for 12 years and lives an extremely healthy lifestyle. She is balanced, and has not experienced the restrictive aspects of the diet like I did. I know countless other people who thrive off of a plant-based diet. I did, for quite some time. And I absolutely respect anyone who chooses that lifestyle. I still think it’s amazing. But sometimes, in some bodies, things change and we have to pay attention to that. 

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